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Retire to the Life You Design


Retire To the Life You  Design  is an experiential workshop that is all about YOU!  This is all about YOU and YOU are the expert on YOU. 

This full day workshop is facilitated by an expert who will guide you through the process designing your custom made future.  

Freddi is your guide through a personal process of self-exploration and discovery that will help you connect who you are with possibilities for your future – life planning from the inside out

The workshop is an introduction that will equip you with tools, models, information and resources to help you continue your exploration and discovery after the workshop ends.

The focus is on the future - retiring TO as opposed to retiring FROM. 

The focus is on life planning as opposed to financial planning. Money is important, but not everything.

You design – puts the control of your life in your own hands. 

Aging is inevitable, but expect to remain actively engaged with life. As you age, replace activities you can no longer do with activities in any of the Six Circles that you can do. Your expectations become your reality. 

Personality Training

Professional facilitator, entertaining workshop, personality, true colors, personality  lingo

Ahhhhhh – People … They grate – they irritate – they rub you the wrong way!  

Yes, spouses, family members and co-workers can be very irritating!  

Freddi  will "enter-train" you as you laugh and learn about the different personalities that surround you. Through theory,  stories, practical examples and exercises you will identify yourself and the people in your life. 

  1. Appreciate your strengths and value the differences in others.
  2. Develop more positive relationships
  3. Communicate more effectively
  4. Become a better leader

 Past participants have reported an increase in workplace effectiveness and sales as a result of their attendance. 

Workshops available in full or half days:

True  Colors

True  Communication

"Ears" to you - the art of listening

Personality Lingo - The Basics

Personality Lingo - Navigating Stress

Personality Lingo - Diet Styles

Personality Lingo - Communication Styles

Professional Presentations Training


Do your knees knock and your heart stop at the thoughts of having to give a speech, a work presentation, a wedding toast or a eulogy?

Learn the secrets of crafting, practicing and delivering a killer speech of any kind for any audience.

Freddi will teach you the key structure for any presentation and share with you the $10,000.00 secret to crafting exceptional content. You can go from a totally terrified beginner to a confident prepared presenter very quickly.

Workshops are hands on, practical and pertinent with opportunity for coaching and feedback from both the pro and participants.

As one participant said, "I sat in the back so I could watch evryone else, but Freddi made it so acheiveable before I knew it I was volunteering to give it a try!"

Workshops can be half day, full day or a series of 3 half days.

Individual coaching is also available

Retirement Planning Bio


  Your Workshop Facilitator is Freddi Dogterom

Freddi is a professional retirement planner, certified career development professional and experienced adult educator.

She leads workshops and delivers keynote addresses on topics that relate to helping people be built up and progress in their lives or career. Freddi retired from her long time career after 33 years of service, by putting her career plan for the next stage of her life into action. She has been a fan and admirer of Nell’s style, practise and writing for many years.

Having lived through a successful career transition, Freddi is passionate about helping others to start the process of planning towards a successful retirement transition. 

Personality Training Bio


Freddi has more than 30 years experience with Personality Training

She is certified to use a variety of tests, tools and inventories and also frequently gives wonderful presentations using generic language and examples that all can understand.

The most popular products she uses are:

  1. True Colors (basic, communication, team building, leadership and parenting)
  2. Personality Lingo
  3. Personality Plus
  4. Personality Dimensions

Her preference is for products the are easy to use, remember and apply by the workshop participants.

Professional Speaker Bio


A world class Professional Speaker and member of the Toastmasters Hall of Fame.

An 11 year member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the Global Speakers Federation

She has presented to thousands of audiences with exceptional feedback 'Freddi is  authentic, encouraging, educational and so very easy to work with."

Freddi shows up!