Your Retirement Prescription - More Than Money

The 4 Key Elements of the perfect retirement Lifestyle

In this presentation the top 4 concerns that many people experience as they prepare for retirement are identified and explored.  This is all about planning you retirement lifestyle.

Suddenly you will have an extra 2,000 hours a year at your disposal ... What will you do?, Who will you be? How can you plan and influence?

Beyond having  good financial plan,  your retirement perscription  needs a  perfect P.I.L.L.

Ideal time frame 45 - 60 minutes


Rock Stars of the Arctic

Perfect opening or closing keynote


This powerful presentation by a top motivational speaker will leave you inspired to build your life by carefully selecting one rock, one friendship, one relationship, one connection at a time.

Scattered across the Canadian North the stone sentinels of Inukshuks stand in silent testimony to the power of human relationships. Each stone is carefully placed to indicate meaning and convey a message. 

Ideal time frame 45 - 60 minutes


Not All the Monkeys Are in the Zoo!

A Great way to start your day!


Have you ever noticed that there are people in the world who are “different from you”? Don’t you wish that you could understand them, or even make them more like you … so they would be perfect!

Laugh and learn about the different personalities that surround you through stories and examples in this high energy presentation that will have you laughing and nudging as you identify yourself and the people in your life.  Learn to appreciate the differences in others. High energy, great stories and the perfect kickoff to your event! 

Ideal time frame 60 - 90 minutes