Invite Freddi DTM AS to your next Conference!

looking for a speaker at your conference?

Bring in a polished Professional who has proven their presentation mastery and expertise in the Accredited Speaker program! In addition to being an accomplished Toastmaster, double District Champion, and Professional Speaker, Freddi is a great mentor, coach and encourager of Toastmasters around the world!

Great Content! Lots of Fun! laugh and learn!

Freddi brings the stories of her high energy life and unusual endeavors as she entertains and instructs her fellow Toastmasters. Be engaged, learn wile having fun and develop your expertise through her presentations.



“I have attended Freddi Dogterom's session previously.  The method has really changed the way I present, it is so simple and so effective. It has increased the value I can give to my audiences, I am more effective in delivering my key messages, I have cut down my prep time and it has helped me prepare for any speaking opportunity thrown my way, as a District Director in Toastmasters and as a presenter / trainer at my work place. I highly recommend you attend! It is life changing!”  Cathryn Secundiak District Director D42.

Favorite Toastmaster Presentations

Building a Speech the LEgo way


How to create compelling presentations in under 30 minutes!  No more agonizing and struggling to craft your speeches for either club or public presentations. Learn the system and watch it in action!  ideal for Toastmasters of all ages and stages.

Not ALL the monkeys ARe in the Zoo!


A real high energy crowd pleaser  the informs and exposes our personality and how we can use it to our best advantage.  Great real life stories that will have you poking your neighbour and laughing out loud!

Not Just a Pile of STones


Freddi's 2015 Accredited Speaker presentation. This powerful message outlines the importance of relationships and friendships to build our lives. True stories from the high  Canadian Arctic.

What to Know to go Pro


Is your goal to become a Professional Speaker? This presentation is ideal as a breakout ed session at your conference. Freddi has been speaking professionally for more than 20 years and openly shares what you need to know, and some how to's.

How to Become an Accredited Speaker


Go beyond the program requirements and discover exactly what goes in to preparing for this prestigious level of presentation skill. How to pick a topic, develop the presentation, practice, record and apply  for the Accredited Speaker Program. 

Making Marvelous mentors


it is an honoour to be selected or requested to be a mentor to a fellow Toastmaster, or work colleague or individual. This presentation will take you through the essential elements of mentorship and the qualities of a great mentor. A great educational session.