Some VERY HAPPY Professional Speaker Customers

Personality Training

  “Freddi grabbed the audience’s attention immediately … her presentation far exceeded our expectations and the feedback was exemplary and continues to this day! Her 8 keys to Understanding each other are tools we can all use.” Deanne Ketcheson - University of Lethbridge Management Students Society 


“Oh Freddi – your personality presentation has made all the difference in the world to our staff. With our increased level of understanding we are now functioning like a well-oiled machine. I expect this will shortly pay off through increased sales and customer satisfaction. We will be inviting you back for more!” ~ and they did!

“I thought I was going to die laughing! You nailed it … I saw myself and my husband in your examples. What an opportunity to start to appreciate his differences.” Christine – Women’s Conference attendee

Presentations Skills

 “I can’t believe how much the group improved in just 4 weeks. From being afraid to speak up to now giving technical presentations … Awesome! Thanks for your excellent teaching, you were the favorite instructor!” Program Coordinator 


“Freddi, you were the favorite instructor in our program. The students are still talking about you and want you to come back”  Bonnie – Program Coordinator

“I can’t believe how much I learned while I was laughing and interacting with my group. Our team will never be the some – in a good way! Your energy and enthusiasm are infectious.” Senior Manager – Alberta Justice 

"I hired you to help me prepare to defend my thesis - I nailed it!  Thanks to your instruction and support!" - New PhD.

Retirement Preparation

"Retire to the Life you Love was just what we were looking for. I now feel more confident about the future and know what we need to explore, research and plan before we retire.  You took a load off for us!"  Mavis and Barry

"When I learned about the PILL model I realized that I had left a big gap in my legacy planning!  Thank you for showing me what I need to do!"   Brian G.

"When Freddi Speaks - I listen!  She brought to  life some elements I had not considered for my retirement life.  I am planning to retire to the life that I will LOVE" - Glenn R.

"I was afraid to retire, I didn't know what I would do with my time.  Now I have much more confidence that I won't fade away into nothing, but that my life will still have meaning"  Carol - Governemnt employee


“It was amazing to see 750 students sitting absolutely still, quiet and spellbound by your presentation. You held them in the palm of your hand. I have never witnessed that before – you were fabulous!” Chairperson -Community Against Drugs event. 


“After your presentation our entire group went out to the parking lot and collected stones to make our team Inukshuk. This little figure now reminds us of our commitment to each other and our organization. You have changed us forever. Thank you” Heather M. - Toastmaster 


“Freddi – you saved the day with your perfect presentation. Thank you for being so professional, so polished and so personable. Our delegates loved you and are still talking about your presentation! “- Leaders of Tomorrow Conference Planner

“You are brilliant at thinking on your feet and communicating clearly! I loved listening to you” Jim Key - World Champion of Public Speaking 


 “This speaker showed her energy and infectious sense of fun comes through time after time. She has the gift of crafting spellbinding stories and each presentation is liberally sprinkled with her true tales as she guides people in how to maximize their life potential.” Jennifer M

"My staff keep asking to have Freddi back because they learn so much in a fun environment. When Freddi is here there is 100% attendance because no one wants to miss out! So easy to work with."  Linda - First Nations Director

"We learned the hidden side of bullying - things I had never thought of, and am sorry that I do.  With awareness comes change. Thank you for your excellent workshop - it was an eye opening for sure."  Grace  - Transportation company

"Our Youth Employment Progam served young adults who were struggling to get their first job.  Our #1 speaker, instructor was Freddi - the class loved her, could hardly wait for her to come and demonstrated what they learned by all of them getting jobs!"  Dianne Lleweln - Program Director


"She has achieved the rare designation of Accredited Speaker. That means she has proven herself to be one of the top Professional Speakers in the world"

"I love listening and learning from Freddi. She is engaging, accurate , an excellent instructor and teacher. I travelled a thousand miles just to hear her."

"Freddi was the keynote for our conference.  At registration several delegates said she was the reason for thier attendance.  I would bring her in any time, any where!"

"Have you heard her "The :EGO Way to Build a Speech?  Once you hear that you will instantly be able to create a speech in 5 minutes!  An excellent tool."

"She is polished, professional and easy to work with. She delivers far more than asked and is so very pleasant and engaging.  Her accomplishments are just the tip of the talent pool she brings."

"Bring her in to your next convention, Leadership Training or any event.  You will be glad you did - we are!"