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Years ago, my audiences started to call me “The Tundra Lady” because of my adventures in the High Arctic. These adventures have contributed to several grey hairs – mine and others!

I Sitting atell some of these stories in my Award Winning Keynote Presentations and Workshops. Check out the “Keynotes” tab above!

 I am also a Certified Personality Trainer and show people how to use the Power of their Personality to influence the actions of others and build brilliant relationships with team members, customers, clients, friends and family. Before Sales Training or Customer Service training, invest in understanding people, so that the sales and service skills can be productively applied.

Do you love Dogs?  Click on the Canine Colors tab above and see what fun you can have discovering the personalities of both you and your dog! Or, click here to read the Canine Colors article in Quirk Magazine.

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I would be delighted to speak to your organization or provide world class workshops and courses to your staff. Email or Call me!