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The Mini Movie

Well – I did it! I figured out how to edit and create a mini movie about our Canine Colors adventures on film!  I have now uploaded the video (to the Canine Colors page on my website) that I call – “Canine Colors the Movie”, starring adorable Fleece – the Border Collie Puppy. You will be able to get a peek at some of the fun we had in filming, and get a peek into the Canine Colors process.  Have a look and let me know what you think.  I know, I know, it could be better, but this was my first try!

Last Friday’s Canine Colors Workshop

WOW!  – What fun we had at the workshop on Friday night!  Pizza, deserts, beverages and a peek at the new video!  Everyone learned a lot and really could see the value of learning to be the very best “pet “parent” to their dog.

We even had a very special guest – Jax – a service dog.  He brought his vision impaired owner (and wife) to the workshop and was such a good boy!  He had to opportunity for some play time when released from his harness.  One of the other participants runs a Doggie Day Care and happened to have some toys in her purse.  Of course we were all dog people so really enjoyed watching Jax play with the toys and just generally enjoy being the center of attention!

Some of the comments were: “This was fun and eye opening. I learned a lot about the needs of both the owners and the dogs.:, “Very re-assuring. I have always believed that the relationship is a two way street and more than just owner-dog.”, “We will be in touch to set up regular Canine Colors sessions for our clients”, “Thank you for the engaging and “PAWS-itive” experience! It was fun to learn more about myself and my dog.”

As you can see it was a great evening workshop.  Come on out to the next one in May!  We are also in the planning process of a workshop for Edmonton. If you would like one in your area, please be in touch! We love to travel to bring the program to you.

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Canine Colors April Workshop

finalcaninecolorbookcoverFRIDAY, APRIL 19:

  • Event Title  Canine Colors Workshop
  • Date/Time   Friday – April 19th   6-9 pm  (at execuserv plus)
  • Cost  Chamber Members save 10%
  • Contact Info  Freddi Dogterom  403-892-7879

Intro Paragraph (≤150 words)    You find a great vet, a wonderful groomer and the perfect doggie day care now give your dog the very best of YOU!    Become the perfect pet parent.

Canine Colors© is personality training for you and your dog. Understand their needs and learn to communicate with them, from the inside out. Understand the personality characteristics of yourself, your dog breed and the individual dogs in your life. This can help you to take your canine relationship to a whole new level of understanding and excitement



Canine Colors TV Ad

Oh what fun we had with the puppies!  Many, many thanks to Jenny Glenn from Alta-Pete Stock Dogs who brought her adorable litter of Border Collie puppies and 3 adult dogs in to town for the  video session.  We had a riot with the little guys and gals running all over – but they were real pros when it came time to pose fro the camera.  Here is the ad for your viewing pleasure!  I’d love to know what you think!

Canine Colors – The ORANGE Dog

IMG_0003An ORANGE dog is just waiting to play and have fun! They love to run and jump and play games and find mischief! They can be very sweet and loving when they are tired but have an abundance of natural energy.

Some examples of ORANGE dog breeds are Labrador Retrievers, Springer spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians, Beagles, Boxers and Dachshunds. All ORANGE dogs need to have active owners who will take them hiking, walking and playing fun games.

ORANGE dogs needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation and can be very strong willed, charming and always playful. Orange dogs need to learn the rules through formal training so they can keep focused, or they will just make up their own rules.  They are easily bored, and when bored can be very creative in the kinds of trouble they get into through their attention getting antics!

Keep an ORANGE dog busy and entertained through retrieving activities, nose work, agility training swimming and hiking.  To learn more about the ORANGE dogs plan to attend a Canine Colors workshop. Contact Freddi Dogterom at freddispeaks.com and click on Canine Colors to find a workshop.Canine Colors Freddi logo

Canine Colors – The BLUE Dog

Oh the BLUE dog – the ultimate companion dog. They thrive on affection and attention and love nothing  more than to just hang out and be with their people. Their job seems to be to cuddle and just be with you as your loyal companion.

Some examples of BLUE dogs are Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers, Miniature Poodles, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Maltese and Chihuahuas. Many BLUE dogs are in the smaller or toy categories and have been bred to be companions.

These dogs love to be your constant companion, and may suffer from separation anxiety if they are not feeling secure that you will return. With some training they can be good in some dog sports and will always week to please you. They are just as happy going on a trip with you and the family and need a warm and cozy place to live.

Their favorite activities can be going for walks, and doing some therapy work.  To learn more about BLUE dogs and their special place in their owners lives contact Freddi Dogterom at freddispeaks.com and look into a Canine Colors workshop.Canine Colors Freddi logo

Canine Colors – The GREEN Dog

Freddi and dogAh, the GREEN dog. They are extremely intelligent, very independent and quite curious. they can easily become an expert in their field, but will require training – this isn’t a problem as they love to learn.  What is important is making sure that they are learning the right lessons!  sometimes GREEN dogs may appear to be aloof, but they are really just sitting back and watching you to see what you are going to do.

Some examples of GREEN breeds are: Siberian Huskies, Australian Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Border Collies, Akitas, Chows, Standard Poodles and Whippets.

Because GREEN dogs are great independent thinkers and problem solvers, they love to have very challenging activities and exercises. They are very focussed and will easily become quite expert in their area of training but need to be kept mentally busy.  They respect their leader and often will sit back and just think.

Keeping a GREEN dog busy and challenged is very important. They are high energy and need to run, job and compete to be at their best.

For more information about being a great pet parent to your GREEN dog, check out a Canine Colors workshop to get lots more information. Go to Freddispeaks.com and click on Canine Colors for more information.Canine Colors Freddi logo