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Inheritance – the retirement plan

Are you planning to inherit a large sum of money? Are you basing your retirement plans on it? This was one of the much talked about strategies in the early 2000’s.  Some people may, unfortunately most of us will not.  A decade back, studies figured a $40 trillion windfall was heading to the boomers. That’s been whittled down to a “paltry “$6 trillion in more recent research. Even that lower figure is heavily concentrated in “the one percent.”
An AARP study estimates that 80 percent of boomers will get nothing, and only about 1 in 15 would get as much as $100,000. Gee, maybe back to the financial planning drawing board?  And what about the other avenues of life that need planning – I’ll talk about those soon.

Last Friday’s Canine Colors Workshop

WOW!  – What fun we had at the workshop on Friday night!  Pizza, deserts, beverages and a peek at the new video!  Everyone learned a lot and really could see the value of learning to be the very best “pet “parent” to their dog.

We even had a very special guest – Jax – a service dog.  He brought his vision impaired owner (and wife) to the workshop and was such a good boy!  He had to opportunity for some play time when released from his harness.  One of the other participants runs a Doggie Day Care and happened to have some toys in her purse.  Of course we were all dog people so really enjoyed watching Jax play with the toys and just generally enjoy being the center of attention!

Some of the comments were: “This was fun and eye opening. I learned a lot about the needs of both the owners and the dogs.:, “Very re-assuring. I have always believed that the relationship is a two way street and more than just owner-dog.”, “We will be in touch to set up regular Canine Colors sessions for our clients”, “Thank you for the engaging and “PAWS-itive” experience! It was fun to learn more about myself and my dog.”

As you can see it was a great evening workshop.  Come on out to the next one in May!  We are also in the planning process of a workshop for Edmonton. If you would like one in your area, please be in touch! We love to travel to bring the program to you.

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Canine Colors TV Ad

Oh what fun we had with the puppies!  Many, many thanks to Jenny Glenn from Alta-Pete Stock Dogs who brought her adorable litter of Border Collie puppies and 3 adult dogs in to town for the  video session.  We had a riot with the little guys and gals running all over – but they were real pros when it came time to pose fro the camera.  Here is the ad for your viewing pleasure!  I’d love to know what you think!