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Canine Colors Freddi logoWhat a fabulous turnout we had for the most recent Canine Colors workshop!  There were 16 excited dog owners eager to learn about themselves as owners and to discover the personality strengths of their favorite “fur kids”.  I believe the biggest learning moments came for the group when they had to view their ownership and relationship through their canine companion’s viewpoint!  I could see the groups struggling and then the “aha!” moments started.  As one participant stated “Oh, now I understand why my dog seems so needy.  They actually are, because I have not been meeting their emotional needs, I have been focussing on my own!”    Yes, ma’am!  Being a truly exceptional pet parent does mean that you learn about and understand your dog’s personality.

The really great thing about the Canine Colors program is that we look at the main characteristics of the breed types but also look at the individual dog as well.  That way the owner gets a multi dimensional perspective of the behaviours they can expect from their pet.  The group was really exciting to watch and listen to as they talked about their individual pet and learned how to work with some of the minor behavioural issues they had been facing.

The next public workshop is Friday April 19, 2013.  Once again we will have pizza at 5:30 and then the workshop from 6-9 pm.  Hope to see you there!