Canine Colors April Workshop

finalcaninecolorbookcoverFRIDAY, APRIL 19:

  • Event Title  Canine Colors Workshop
  • Date/Time   Friday – April 19th   6-9 pm  (at execuserv plus)
  • Cost  Chamber Members save 10%
  • Contact Info  Freddi Dogterom  403-892-7879

Intro Paragraph (≤150 words)    You find a great vet, a wonderful groomer and the perfect doggie day care now give your dog the very best of YOU!    Become the perfect pet parent.

Canine Colors© is personality training for you and your dog. Understand their needs and learn to communicate with them, from the inside out. Understand the personality characteristics of yourself, your dog breed and the individual dogs in your life. This can help you to take your canine relationship to a whole new level of understanding and excitement


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