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Inheritance – the retirement plan

Are you planning to inherit a large sum of money? Are you basing your retirement plans on it? This was one of the much talked about strategies in the early 2000’s.  Some people may, unfortunately most of us will not.  A decade back, studies figured a $40 trillion windfall was heading to the boomers. That’s been whittled down to a “paltry “$6 trillion in more recent research. Even that lower figure is heavily concentrated in “the one percent.”
An AARP study estimates that 80 percent of boomers will get nothing, and only about 1 in 15 would get as much as $100,000. Gee, maybe back to the financial planning drawing board?  And what about the other avenues of life that need planning – I’ll talk about those soon.

The Mini Movie

Well – I did it! I figured out how to edit and create a mini movie about our Canine Colors adventures on film!  I have now uploaded the video (to the Canine Colors page on my website) that I call – “Canine Colors the Movie”, starring adorable Fleece – the Border Collie Puppy. You will be able to get a peek at some of the fun we had in filming, and get a peek into the Canine Colors process.  Have a look and let me know what you think.  I know, I know, it could be better, but this was my first try!

Last Friday’s Canine Colors Workshop

WOW!  – What fun we had at the workshop on Friday night!  Pizza, deserts, beverages and a peek at the new video!  Everyone learned a lot and really could see the value of learning to be the very best “pet “parent” to their dog.

We even had a very special guest – Jax – a service dog.  He brought his vision impaired owner (and wife) to the workshop and was such a good boy!  He had to opportunity for some play time when released from his harness.  One of the other participants runs a Doggie Day Care and happened to have some toys in her purse.  Of course we were all dog people so really enjoyed watching Jax play with the toys and just generally enjoy being the center of attention!

Some of the comments were: “This was fun and eye opening. I learned a lot about the needs of both the owners and the dogs.:, “Very re-assuring. I have always believed that the relationship is a two way street and more than just owner-dog.”, “We will be in touch to set up regular Canine Colors sessions for our clients”, “Thank you for the engaging and “PAWS-itive” experience! It was fun to learn more about myself and my dog.”

As you can see it was a great evening workshop.  Come on out to the next one in May!  We are also in the planning process of a workshop for Edmonton. If you would like one in your area, please be in touch! We love to travel to bring the program to you.

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Canine Colors April Workshop

finalcaninecolorbookcoverFRIDAY, APRIL 19:

  • Event Title  Canine Colors Workshop
  • Date/Time   Friday – April 19th   6-9 pm  (at execuserv plus)
  • Cost  Chamber Members save 10%
  • Contact Info  Freddi Dogterom  403-892-7879

Intro Paragraph (≤150 words)    You find a great vet, a wonderful groomer and the perfect doggie day care now give your dog the very best of YOU!    Become the perfect pet parent.

Canine Colors© is personality training for you and your dog. Understand their needs and learn to communicate with them, from the inside out. Understand the personality characteristics of yourself, your dog breed and the individual dogs in your life. This can help you to take your canine relationship to a whole new level of understanding and excitement


Canine Colors TV Ad

Oh what fun we had with the puppies!  Many, many thanks to Jenny Glenn from Alta-Pete Stock Dogs who brought her adorable litter of Border Collie puppies and 3 adult dogs in to town for the  video session.  We had a riot with the little guys and gals running all over – but they were real pros when it came time to pose fro the camera.  Here is the ad for your viewing pleasure!  I’d love to know what you think!

Juggling the Jingle in Your Genes

Juggling the Jingle in Your Genes

 “She says she’s thrifty. He says she is cheap!  Do you ever get tired of financial discussions that go nowhere?  In other words, “Juggling the Jingle?”

Similar conversations go on in every household across the nation. People tend to have divergent money management styles, and these differences tend to be especially pronounced in relationships with couples. But why is money so problematic? Money is money, isn’t it?  Let’s take a look.

Each person has his or her unique personality. Over time we adapt behavioral styles that may be less acceptable to others, and money management is an area of potential conflict that occurs not only in families, but also in businesses and organizations. How can we change this and learn to juggle the jingle, in other words employ the power of our personalities to pad our pockets and expand our purses?

Our basic personalities influence every aspect of our life, including how we view money and financial matters. By considering the ways that different personalities manage money we can learn to manage our own affairs more effectively. Let’s look at the main money personality types:

 Money is a Toy

“Show me the money, honey!” “If I have cheques I must still have money.”

This is the group who truly believe that money will buy happiness and for them it does. Like a toy it’s something to be played with. Here we find the power shoppers, those who like to buy stuff, any stuff, and often rather frivolous stuff. My mother-in-law once bought me an electric potato peeler, the ultimate kitchen gadget. I loved it! Not once did I question the idea of being given something that is plugged into an electrical socket and then operated under running water. Hey, wait a minute …

 Money is a Treasure

“I have never met a penny that did not want to be saved.”

People who live by these adages are natural planners and savers. They love piggy banks and enjoy seeing the balances of their bank accounts grow.

When I first met my husband he often wore a particular pair of royal blue sneakers. Made of fabric and suede, they were functional but definitely not attractive. When they finally wore out no one was more thrilled than me, but much to my horror he pulled an identical pair out of the closet. The last time he needed new sneakers he’d found a sports store that was going out of business, and at only five bucks a pair he decided to buy the remaining three pairs. The problem was that second pair was a size too small and the third, a size too big. It took him an additional four years to wear out the remaining two pairs, all the while thrilled with the “deal” that he got.

 Money is a Tool

“I believe in the Golden Rule. Whoever has the gold, rules!”

            One of my favorite activities is to visit with my young grandsons. They’re in the process of teaching me all about life. One day Rylan, aged six, explained to me the importance of money. “Mommy and I are saving our money to go to Disneyland. Money gives you power. When you have enough you win!”  Where did he get this idea? Neither of his parents believes this about money.

For Tool people there is no power greater than the power of money. They love money but do not hoard it. For them there is no emotional component to money management. It truly is a tool, something to be used very strategically. Tool people are not afraid to spend money and will often buy quality items with prestigious labels.

 Money is a Token

“Money is merely something that you exchange in order to receive either pleasure or leisure.”

Managing money is just so incredibly difficult. It takes a lot of energy and causes so many disagreements, and besides – what does it really matter? This is the belief system of Token people. Money has no value other than what it can be exchanged for. Although Token people realize that having a budget is a good thing, it’s something that is stressful and exhausting to set it up and very difficult for them to maintain.

They like to purchase comfort items. A good friend collects nice comfy cushions. When asked how many she really needs, she replies, “One can never have enough cozy, snuggly, pillows.”

 Keeping the Jingle in Your Genes

Our genetic codes have a profound impact on how we respond to the world around us, including the ways that we handle money. All over North America people are struggling to get a handle on their finances. Whether attempting to get out of debt, become better savers or attempting to build solid investment portfolios, personality plays a role in our failures as well as our successes. We need to learn to Juggle the Jingle in our Genes!

 Bio: IMG_0325Freddi Dogterom is The Personality Trainer! She is a dynamic, award winning Professional Speaker, talented workshop leader and “entertraining” presenter. Some of her most popular Personality workshops are: “Like Sandpaper on a Sunburn” – personalities in personal relationships, “Personality Power” – personalities in the workplace and “Juggling the Jingle in Your Genes” – personality and money management.

Audiences have dubbed her “The Tundra Lady”. Her popular Keynotes often showcase the amazing stories of her adventures while working in the high Arctic. Can you imagine driving a huge truck full of high explosive up the ice road on the Mackenzie River? This story is showcased in her popular presentation “Tire Tracks in the Tundra”.

Freddi’s Professional Credentials include being a Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP),a Professional Retirement Planner (PRP)  and Certified   Personality Trainer (CPT) and holding a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education.







Canine Colors – The ORANGE Dog

IMG_0003An ORANGE dog is just waiting to play and have fun! They love to run and jump and play games and find mischief! They can be very sweet and loving when they are tired but have an abundance of natural energy.

Some examples of ORANGE dog breeds are Labrador Retrievers, Springer spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians, Beagles, Boxers and Dachshunds. All ORANGE dogs need to have active owners who will take them hiking, walking and playing fun games.

ORANGE dogs needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation and can be very strong willed, charming and always playful. Orange dogs need to learn the rules through formal training so they can keep focused, or they will just make up their own rules.  They are easily bored, and when bored can be very creative in the kinds of trouble they get into through their attention getting antics!

Keep an ORANGE dog busy and entertained through retrieving activities, nose work, agility training swimming and hiking.  To learn more about the ORANGE dogs plan to attend a Canine Colors workshop. Contact Freddi Dogterom at and click on Canine Colors to find a workshop.Canine Colors Freddi logo